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African Jasper Friendship Bracelet

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African Jasper, like other precious stones, boasts numerous spiritual and healing qualities. It can provide stability and support during stressful times, promoting peace and completeness. With its ability to absorb negative energy and harmonize the chakras, Jasper is considered an Earth Element stone that has grounding and nurturing properties. Additionally, it is known for its protective and supportive nature, making it a powerful tool for coping with challenges in love and life.

  • Materials: Jasper Natural Stones
  • Vegan Cord
  • Length: 6.7 inches or 7.4 inches with slide
  • Free Shipping Worldwide!
  • Handmade with Love 


Care information

To keep your handmade jewelry in all its glory for as long as possible, adhere to the following basic rules:

Wrap jewelry should never be worn or exposed to water. Perfumes, hair products, lotions, soaps, oils, and household chemicals should all be avoided. Always take off your jewelry before working out or cleaning.

Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews

beautiful 💕 so happy with it!

Kelly Ott

It is a very pretty bracelet, but the colors are much different. More dark green than teal/turquoise.


I purchased this as a birthday gift for my brother. He likes it and says it fits well. He's a man of few words, so that means a lot!


Impressed with the workmanship and stone quality. Quality all around and it's a perfect fit. There was a slight snafu with my order. A numbers transposition in my shipping email-notification, that was speedily, courteously resolved.

Ari F.

Editing to say that while it looks lovely, this bracelet unfortunately fell apart after a month and a half of frequent wear. The knot that allowed me to loosen/tighten it on one side gradually loosened. I will be saving the beads to reuse them but sadly I cannot wear this anymore.